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What’s New With Expanded PPC and Google Ads?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a popular marketing method that is used by many businesses that utilize digital marketing to expand their brand. These campaigns allow businesses to focus on specific audiences by age, location, interests, and more. By focusing on the development of a PPC campaign through a professional PPC management team, local businesses have the opportunity to extend their marketing reach and excel in conversions throughout their local markets.

Express Your Brand Even More with Expanded Text Ads

For over 15-years, Google Ads (previously AdWords) has been one of the leading PPC campaign models used in digital marketing. For a system that seems to have been a success for nearly two decades, one may ask why Google recently decided to expand their PPC ad model and how it has improved for your business model.

Mobile-First Has Been an Important Initiative

With billions of people around the world permanently connected to the world via mobile devices, web designers and online publishers have been pushing a mobile-first initiative. This means that designers are now ensuring that the sites that they create for businesses offer an amazing user experience on mobile devices.

Google caught on to this advancement in user tastes and began to look at how they could improve AdWords to boost revenue through searches made off of mobile and remote devices. They proceeded to then expand their Google Ads’ capabilities to be more compatible with mobile devices and provide an overall better experience for business owners utilizing PPC campaigns.

This change naturally begs the question that most business owners have:

What’s changed in Google Ads with these expanded ads?

The answers are clear and show why it’s important to accept this new ad format as PPC gospel:

  1. More space for headlines and descriptions
  2. Expanded path fields
  3. Instant mobile optimization of PPC ads
  4. Automatically extracted domain URLs
  5. Improved click-through rate (CTR)

More is Better With 3 Headline Fields

2 headline fields have always been a requirement with Google Ads. With this recent expansion, users can now utilize an optional third headline for a better Ads experience.

This extra headline allows you to create additional text that gives your ad a higher chance of being viewed on mobile devices. Before these improvements made it to the PPC ads, advertisers only had 25-character headlines to work with. These have been expanded to 30-characters with the current update.

90-Character Description Fields

Description fields have also been expanded for PPC campaigns. Previous text ads were limited to two 35-character description lines in their total ad. Now, users have much more control over how their message is received by their audiences. Google has expanded the total description field to 90-characters which has vastly improved the success of PPC ad campaigns.

Ease of URL Extraction

There have even been some extensive changes within URL extraction in Ads. Now, Google Ads automatically extracts the domain from your ad’s URL. Now your ad’s display is shown as your final URL unless you have the desire to add specific field paths.

Two-Path Fields Now Available

Your path field is the URL that is displayed directly under the headline of your PPC ads. The purpose of your field is to give customers a preview of what they can expect when clicking on your ad.

With the AdWord expanded ads, you can now be even more specific with the information that potential customers can receive before they click. Now instead of one option, your visitors can have two optional paths to view.

Whereas your site path field before could have been:, it could now potentially be more extensive with an additional path field like “tents” or “outdoors.’

Mobile Optimization Reaching a Wider Audience

Now, when creating your expanded text ad, Google ensures that it is already optimized for both mobile and desktop formats. This not only creates less work during initial creation but it also vastly expands the reach of your PPC campaign.

As we’ve discussed earlier, mobile-first is an important effort in all aspects of pay per click and search engine optimization. So, by making sure that your PPC ads are instantly created for mobile platforms, it’s a guaranteed win for all sides of the narrative.

Boost Your CTR with Expanded Ads

In the short amount of time that expanded ads have existed, it has already been shown that the method boosts the CTR of the ads you are paying for. In the case of text ads, more is better. Therefore, the more visible that your text ads are, the likelihood of your ads being clicked on rises.

A higher CTR offers several benefits to your digital marketing efforts as a whole:

  • You’ll see a boost in your organic search positions
  • Your conversion rates will see improvements
  • Creates free clicks from your social media ads

Is An Expanded PPC Campaign the Right Choice for Your Business?

Jumping into the PPC campaign pool can seem like a daunting experience for a local business owner. As local SEO and PPC management experts the team at SEO Runners suggests asking yourself some questions about your business when making this important business decision.

How High is Your Customer Value?

Remember, PPC ads cost you money each time they are clicked. Therefore, the customer value for each click is important to the amount of money you should spend on your PPC campaign. If you run a business where a new client grants you a high revenue, then you have high customer value and would benefit greatly from an expanded PPC advertising campaign.

How Fast Do You Want Results?

SEO is a process that takes time to generate the organic search results that will improve your business’ brand. However, by adding a PPC element to your advertising efforts, you can experience results almost instantly, depending on how much money you’ve put into your campaign. With pay per click, you get what you put into it and are able to analyze your results and shift your spending limit on your own time.

How Do Local SEO and PPC  Work Together To Help Your Business?

If you are a local business, your marketing directives are going to be very precise. You will want to target specific people, locations, and interests in order to be at the top of the food chain in your local organic search rankings. By using PPC advertising and extended ads, you have a greater opportunity to focus your efforts by showing your ads to the people that need to see them and not taking a gamble by paying for clicks that will ultimately be useless for your campaign.

Expand Your Advertising Reach with SEO Runners!

If you are ready to take on the challenge of a PPC campaign, don’t go on this journey alone. The PPC management professionals at SEO Runners have years of experience with developing PPC campaigns that are a success for our clients. Trust us to help you create a campaign that guides your marketing budget directly to your target audience. Contact SEO Runners today to find out how we can improve your business’ conversion rate through our PPC advertising services.

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