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Web Development

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General web development is the process of designing and launching websites for the internet. Any page that you have ever visited is the product of web development. While all sites have been developed, not all pages are created equal. Some rank higher than others due to the quality (or lack of) of a site’s initial development.

Web Design

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Web Maintenance

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Conversion Optimization

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How Does Web Development Work with SEO?

When most people imagine a great site, flashy images and bright colors come to mind. While these are pluses, they are not the aspects of a site that make it a winner. Believe it or not, the success of a website is mainly due to excellent SEO practices.

SEO is the digital marketing practice that utilizes a mixture of keywords, creative content, tracking, and backend development to rank pages higher on search engines. By working with SEO Runners, you can guarantee that your website will be designed to garner the search attention that it deserves.

What Does SEO Runners Do For Your Web Development Project?

SEO Runners has a team that is dedicated to creating mobile-friendly websites that will attract potential customers via organic search. Our development team approaches each project from every angle and finds ways to make improvements that will turn your website into a destination for organic search.

Web design

Mobile-first design is currently a diamond in the rough for local businesses. In fact, most local businesses aren’t focused on this aspect of design and are now failing to hit their goal rankings on Google.

Our team makes mobile-first a priority and will create a website that:

  • Leaves a lasting impression
  • Answers questions clearly
  • Has intuitive navigation

We understand that the stats are high at 38 percent of people leaving a site because of poor design.

Web Maintenance

The launch of your new website is where our work really begins. We are proud to create a site that looks great, but we are dedicated to maintaining its integrity as the online landscape changes. Our web maintenance services help you with:

  • Correctly configured titles and meta descriptions
  • Ensuring the right pages are indexed
  • Fixing broken pages
  • Technical SEO
  • General performance assessment

Remember, your appliances fall apart if they aren’t maintained, and your website will too. Take advantage of SEO Runner’s web development services today!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website should be developed with the primary goal of creating conversions. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the marketing method of optimizing all of your lead converting pages. This can include:

  • Your homepage
  • Blogs
  • Landing pages

We can easily audit your entire site and help you determine the best plan of action for optimizing your current pages for maximum conversions. You’d be surprised at how even the smallest of changes can create a boost in your revenue.

When it comes to your CRO, SEO Runners is here to help you:

  • Create text-based Call-to-Action sections of your blog
  • Run tests on all of your landing pages
  • Add messages to the pages that convert the highest for your business, and more!

Develop a Site That Brings You Conversions with SEO Runners

First impressions matter, but making an impression that lasts in the long-term matters even more. SEO Runners creates each of our client’s sites to fulfill this goal. We don’t believe in creating crowded pages and know exactly what will hold an audience and keep them on your site. Trust SEO Runners to create and manage a site that is always in compliance with changing SEO trends and Google algorithms. We’d love to meet with you and talk more about your website needs and how we can help. Reach out to us today to get your development journey started with a SEO team that puts your success first.

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