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Pay Per Click Advertising - TruckVin

TruckVin has been a fast growing client with a larger online advertising budget, which had a smaller spend through Adwords at the beginning of our engagement with this project. They were not running digital ad campaigns before the beginning of our partnership. Using both our expertise with Adwords account optimization and on-page conversion optimizations, We were able to increase the Adwords accounts conversion rate significantly along with increasing the number of conversions from Pay-per-click campaigns from 61 unqualified leads in the first month to over 200 qualified leads each month on average.

Executive Summary

We built out the campaigns with TruckVin’s target customers in mind by using keywords that emphasized users who were actively in the truck selling process, while minimizing the users who are only researching options. Even within the first month of the campaign, TruckVin’s Adwords campaigns were providing enough conversions to cover the costs associated with the advertisements. The campaigns performed even better than our initial projections and analysis.

In addition to building the Adwords account to target a wide but targeted audience, we also created a unique PPC landing page to qualify the clicks that were coming into the site. One of the major factors we identified and optimized was the landing page form. We added specific fields to be filled out and tested using drop-down options versus open-ended fields. These tests reduced the overall number of conversions, but reduced the sales team’s time spent contacting bad leads and improved the sales team’s close rate.

After cleaning the Adwords account and improving the conversion rate of the landing page, we identified and expanded their online advertising to additional audiences while maintaining the cost per conversion.

Project DateDecember 2021

Snapshot of Client’s Beginning

Before we began our partnership with TruckVin, the business had not been running digital advertising, but had created a website and using social media to gather leads. At the time that we began our partnership, TruckVin was also in the middle of expanding their target services. We were able to help provide guidance through this process and designed a new website for them that increased conversions and user behavior metrics on the site after its launch.


Aggressive Keyword Targeting: When we first built TruckVin’s Adwords campaigns, we identified numerous keywords which could be relevant to the client’s business and could provide enough traffic to the site. We also wanted to avoid using too many keywords which would bring clicks, but not result in conversions. After adding numerous specific negative keywords from the campaigns, we were able to allocate the budget to the more relevant keywords which were providing a higher percentage of the conversions and saw a bump in the number of conversions each month. In addition to removing keywords, we also identified similar keywords that converting users were searching and added these to the campaigns which resulted in increased conversions and higher click-through rates for the entire campaign.

Landing Page Conversions Testing: Once we began our partnership with TruckVin, we redesigned and created the PPC dedicated landing page on the client’s website. Soon after the landing page was launched, we began adjusting the contact form along with the text content over monthly periods, such as content blocks, media elements, and the number of calls to action. We compared both the time spent on the page and the number of conversions on the landing page month to month. After 8 months of improvements on the landing page, we were able to increase the conversion rate of the landing page from 1.24% to 7.45% of visitors to the website.

Adding New Audience Targeting Campaigns: Utilizing the improved PPC landing page and using the data gained from the Adwords campaigns, we expanded to use the newly released Performance Max campaigns offered by Google with an initially limited budget. Judging the campaign, based upon whether the maximum cost per conversion could be met, we increased the budget and continued utilizing both the search campaigns and performance max campaigns as we saw conversion numbers increase for both campaigns.


780% Conversions

11.8% Conv. Rate

606% ROI

Impressive Results

Through the initial course of our partnership with TruckVIN, we proved our expertise and improved the key metrics of success for the client. While the updated Adwords campaign was providing increased numbers of qualified users, the landing page was able to convert an increased percentage of these visitors and we expanded this success to additional campaigns and networks. The number of conversions each month increased from 60 jn the first month in Nov 2021 to 180-210 each month in Summer 2022.

We were able to build trust with TruckVIN early on in the partnership through our communication of the initial strategy to deliver traffic and leads to their website. Through delivering results through this strategy, our agency was able to expand the scope of the project and deliver increasing results and profits to TruckVin. As we were improving leads to the client, the client increased the budget for the online advertising portion of the project from $10,000/month to $40,000/month over the 8 months we have been partnered with TruckVin and they continue to have measurable profits resulting from the Pay-Per-Click advertising to show for it.

Thanks to TruckVIN for their trust and permission to use their business in this case study. Written by Eric McKeethen working through the agency. Data obtained using Google Analytics and Google AdWords.