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Enterprise SEO Campaign – TruckVin

National SEO Services & Results

TruckVin was referred to SEO Runners by another client in the fourth quarter of 2021. After auditing TruckVin’s current site and deeming that their site not only had subpar content, but was also utilizing a subpar content management system (CMS). Our directors formulated a compound digital marketing strategy that included national SEO services for an enterprise level client.


National SEO Campaign Launch

Once our proposed strategies were submitted to the client and reviewed with them in-depth, the CEO of TruckVin decided to move forward with our services. Due to the subpar content and CMS, it was decided to first custom design and build a website fit for a national brand. Once the new site was completed and approved by the client the launch date was set for May 1st. 2022. When the new site was launched our SEO (search engine optimization) branch of the agency got right to work completing on-site, off-site, and technical SEO, while also completing high quality pertinent content. The direct results of SEO Runners’ optimization efforts led to TruckVin ranking on page 1 in 45 days and in the top 3 on page 1 soon thereafter, leading to an enormous increase in conversions.

The direct results or our SEO Company’s efforts not only led to top 3 rankings in Google’s search results nationally, but also leading to a significant increase in ROI for the client.

Project Date01 May 2022

Keywords Trends

The new website is an SEO Runners custom design and web development.

The top graphic illustrates TruckVin’s starting point for the number of keywords their initial website was ranking for. Since the launch of the new site on May 1, 2022, you can see the new site has begun to rank for ~350 keywords. As our SEO team continues our enterprise optimization efforts the website is expected to continue ranking for more keywords.

Being that this is a national marketing campaign it was very necessary for our enterprise SEO specialists to be diligent with both off-site optimizations such as link building, as well as technical SEO tasks such as site speed.

Organic Keywords Chart For TruckVin SEO Case Study
TruckVin Visibility Trend For Enterprise SEO Case Study
TruckVin Rankings For National SEO Campaign Case Study

Keyword Rankings

The keyword ranking chart displays exact keywords and phrases our team is tracking. The May 4th column shows where the client was initially ranking when we launched the site (a – indicates the site was not ranking for that specific term), the September 2nd column shows where the site is ranking as of September 2nd, 2022, and the Diff column displays the number of positions increases or decreases. Green numbers indicate positive rankings changes and red numbers display negative rankings changes. We’re happy to say we’re only seeing green!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Chart For TruckVin Enterprise SEO Case Study
Google Analytics Organic Traffic For National SEO Case Study

Reviewing the Google Analytics for this client, we significantly increased the organic traffic on the site. The second chart also shows that not only did we increase the client’s organic traffic by over 4,614%, but we also increased organic conversions from 0 to 402%.

4,614.41% Organic Traffic Increase

+402 Organic Conversions