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Digital Marketing Campaign
for Medical Clinics

SEO and Google Ads Optimization Results

Keywords Trends

We started from scratch with a rebranding and site build.

The first chart shows the number of keywords the client is ranking for. Since launching the site in January you can see the site is now ranking for over 10,000 keywords. As we continue our optimization the client loses some non-pertinent keywords and continues to rank highly for pertinent terms. We also continue to push more long tail keywords up the rankings.

We started tracking specific target terms in February and this is shown in the second. The second graph shows the visibility increase we’ve made since February. If this went back to January with the site launch, the increase would show an even more impressive increase.

Client TypeMedical Clinics
Project DateFeburary 2020
dallas fort worth medical clinic organic search keywords chat
dallas fort worth medical clinic visibility chart
dallas fort worth medical clinic keyword ranking chart

Keyword Rankings

This keyword ranking chart shows specific keywords and phrases we are tracking. The blue number is the current ranking and the green (or red) numbers are number of positions that it’s moved up/down since tracking began in February. The numbers that have a crown symbol next to them mean these terms rank as featured snippets.

Featured Snippet

A featured snippet is considered as position zero as it displays above the first organic page rank. These snippets usually answer questions. For example, “Can I eat after endoscopy?” has a featured snippet. the image to the right shows how that’s displayed in Google search. Having featured snippets for certain industries such as medical is extremely important as this shows authority in the field. Featured snippets create trust that lead directly to conversions.

dallas fort worth medical clinic featured snippet

Google Analytics

dallas fort worth medical clinic organic search keywords chat
dallas fort worth medical clinic google analytic chart

Looking at the Google Analytics for the client, we steadily increased the traffic trend and brought great organic growth. The second chart also shows that not only did we increase the client’s traffic by over 183%, but we also increased conversions by over 111%.

While we utilized a similar Google Ads budget and brought similar paid traffic, we increased the conversions from paid traffic by 200%. This shows how our optimized paid ads approach has real results.

183% Traffic Increase

111% Conversion Increase