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Site Analysis

Not sure how your website stacks up in the grand scheme of things? Request a site analysis with SEO Runners to find out.

What Is a Website Analysis?

A website analysis involves a web expert (us) evaluating the performance of your website and the potential improvements you can make to enjoy more leads and possibly even increased revenue. Most of the time, website analysis focuses on search result rankings, page loading speeds, search optimization (SEO), and your competition.

Do I Need A Site Analysis?

If your website is giving you everything you need – satisfied customers, a healthy bottom line, and plenty of leads, then you might not see the value in a site analysis. However, we recommend them for a number of reasons.

  • Learn what your competitors are doing (and the strategies they’re using…)
  • Fix issues like broken links and forms
  • Uncover ways to improve your conversion rates
  • Find out how to improve your ranking in search results

We also believe site analysis are important for your overall revenue, website traffic, and conversion rates. If you want to enjoy these benefits for yourself, it only takes one phone call (or email) to get started.

What’s Involved in Website Analysis?

Before you hand over your hard-earned money to the experts to get your site analysis underway, you’re likely curious about what they actually involve. We’ll discuss the options with you, but you can generally expect it to look a little bit like this:

Learning Why You Want to Do the Site Analysis

Some people request website analysis because they’re curious. They haven’t noticed anything unusual but want to ensure their website is on the right track or learn if there’s anything they could be doing better.

However, some website and business owners request them because they’ve noticed a steady or dramatic decline in site visitors. Their website might also be generally underperforming, or they might have even seen a high bounce rate. Find out why you want to perform a site analysis, and your chosen website gurus (us) can pay particular attention to your potential ‘problem’ areas.

Setting Goals

What do you hope to achieve from your site analysis? Do you want to find out about any problems associated with your website so you can fix them? Or do you have something more specific in mind, like improving leads or enjoying more online sales? Setting goals can be important for us to provide guidance and advice and important for you to help monitor the results.

Collecting and Analyzing Data

We use a bunch of cool tools to analyze websites. With our tools, we can see your conversion rates, bounce rates, and any significant weaknesses that need our magic touch. Analyzing data is the most important part of the website analysis process because it allows us to know exactly where the problems lie so we can create our game plan going forward.

Making Improvements

We’ve got the data, we’ve found the issues, and now it’s time to make improvements. Sometimes, we start by testing potential changes on your site visitors and seeing if they have the desired effect. We can then make those changes permanent.

Once we’ve made all the necessary improvements, we can analyze your website on a frequent basis to ensure all changes and modifications we’ve made are having the desired effects.

Request Your Site Analysis From SEO Runners Today

Is something weird happening with your website? Are you curious how it’s performing or believe it could be doing better? We can help. Contact the SEO Runners team today to find out more about the website analysis process and our expansive range of helpful web services.