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Local SEO

Local search engine optimization, or SEO, involves improving the online visibility of businesses in a specific area. The goal is to improve organic traffic from people living in the same location your business is located. Nearly half of all Google searches are made by people looking for specific local information, which means optimizing your digital presence for local SEO search results can be crucial for obtaining new customers online.

Choose SEO Runners for Local Digital Services

SEO is ever-changing, and it can sometimes seem like as soon as you’ve caught up, Google’s algorithms change, and you’re left behind. Let SEO Runners take the lead and manage your local SEO requirements on your behalf.

We can assist with:

  • Google Business Profile optimization
  • Ensuring contact information consistency online
  • Connecting your social media with Google My Business
  • Optimizing online directories
  • Local SEO audits
  • Optimizing traditional SEO (title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, headers, and content)
  • Creating local content
  • Adding website location pages
  • And more…

Benefits of Local SEO

It might seem like a lot of work to take care of local SEO. Is it really worth it? We say yes because you might just experience some of the following benefits.

More Traffic

When you optimize your online presence to ensure people know what you can offer and where you can offer it, you might be surprised by how many results you appear in. More locals than ever before will now see your business front and center when they’re looking for your specific services in your location.

Reduced Advertising Costs

Why throw all your hard-earned money into radio and newspaper ads? Digital advertising and SEO is where it’s at. When you optimize your local SEO, you can spend a mere fraction of what you would typically pay for hard-to-monitor advertising avenues like newspaper and radio.

Better Conversion Rates

If more traffic is heading to your website, you can almost guarantee that you’ll see more paying customers. The first step is being visible, and your sales funnel can take care of the rest.

More Local Reviews

When you prioritize local SEO, you might enjoy the surprising benefit of receiving more local reviews. These can undoubtedly boost your online presence and make you stand out from the crowd.

Business Growth

Business growth is something many business owners aspire to achieve, and local SEO can make it a reality. The more traffic your website receives, the more sales prospects you might have and the more profit potential that might exist. SEO Runners is all about helping you see your business potential.

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How To Know Your Optimizations Aren't Working

You might have dedicated time and energy to a local SEO strategy, but how can you tell whether it’s working or not? Here are some of the most common ways to know that the local SEO strategy you have in place isn’t practical, and calling the experts might be necessary sooner rather than later.

Decreased Organic Traffic

Local SEO should result in more website traffic, not less. If your organic traffic numbers are on the decline, contact SEO Runners to find out how we can change this.

Conversions Are Low

You might be attracting people to your website, but are they sticking around to make a purchase? If the answer is no, you might not be attracting the right traffic. The more specific your local SEO strategy is, the higher-quality traffic you can receive.

You Have No Goals

Do you want more sales? Are you looking for better brand awareness? Do you simply want more traffic? By setting a goal, you can put steps in place to achieve it. You might not achieve the desired results when you aren’t sure what those results should be – or how to work toward them.

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Don’t sit languishing while your competitor takes the lead. Win over your community with high-quality SEO that puts your business front and center.

We can’t wait to help with your local SEO requirements, so contact us today for a free quote.