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Web Maintenance

You might assume that all the hard work required to improve your online presence relates to website design and development. But that’s the easy part. The work truly begins when you need to maintain your website and ensure it remains current within the ever-changing digital landscape. The good news is that we’re here to help. Focus on your business, and we’ll focus on your website maintenance.

What Is Web Maintenance?

Website maintenance describes keeping a website current, up-to-date, and performing as it should. It involves fixing broken links, updating content, and ironing out kinks affecting your site visitors’ experience.

There’s no denying that web maintenance can be a frustrating task for any business owner, but it can be worthwhile when you can enjoy a healthy, well-performing site that functions as it should.

Benefits of Web Maintenance

Website maintenance can be complicated, and if you have a functional website that works as it should, you might not see the value in putting time, money, and effort into maintaining it. However, if you hire experts to take care of maintenance or tackle it on your own, you might experience some of the following benefits.

Improved Site Security

Customers don’t want to visit an unsafe website, especially if there’s a chance they could become a victim of fraud, a data breach, or a scam. If you make website maintenance a priority, you can keep up to date with all the latest security updates to keep yourself and your customers as safe as possible.

Customer Retention

If a customer experiences issues while browsing your website, such as poor loading speed, broken links, and other general performance issues, there’s potential for you to lose them as a customer. After all, these issues can be frustrating, and customers can prefer to shop with your competition instead. Prevent that from being a problem by hiring SEO Runners to take care of your web maintenance requirements.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a core part of web maintenance. When algorithms change, your site content must change with them, or you risk being left behind. The expert web maintenance team at SEO Runners is on the ball when it comes to SEO. They can ensure your site is completely optimized to help you stand out from the crowd in search engine results.

Site Hosting

When you leave web maintenance in the capable hands of SEO Runners, site hosting is an excellent benefit for you to take advantage of. Not only can they handle the everyday running of your site, but they can also host it. You can sit back, relax, and let the experts handle everything.

How SEO Runners Can Help With Web Maintenance

You might be tempted to handle web maintenance yourself, especially if you’re familiar with every facet of your business – including your website. However, the digital landscape is ever-changing, and as soon as you become up-to-date with changes, something else turns the industry on its head.

Web maintenance is essentially a full-time job, and do you have time to dedicate all your time to it? You might not, but we do. Our expert web maintenance team can help with:

  • Hosting your site
  • Web design and development
  • Configuring titles and meta descriptions
  • Ensuring the correct pages are indexed
  • Offering technical SEO services
  • Fixing broken pages
  • Performing general performance assessments
  • Assisting with content creation
  • …and much more!

Contact SEO Runners for Web Maintenance Today

Websites are necessary for ensuring your business remains relevant in the digital age. Sit back, relax, and let SEO Runners do all the hard work for you. Contact us today to learn more about our web maintenance services in Texas and further afield.